About us


VEGAN footwear brand made in Italy.

SHOES inspired by the latest European fashion trends.

ONLY animal-friendly materials used.


Attention to detail is the key to our design.

Our vegan shoes are made in a small factory in Italy.

Each pair is done mainly by hand, guaranteeing exceptional quality and comfort.

All parts of the shoes are 100% vegan made from high-quality, long-lasting, and Italian-certified materials.


The name of the brand TALON VERT, French for ‘green heel’, was inspired by the ‘talon rouge’ (red heel) shoes worn by the aristocrats of the 17th century French court. Anyone who would wear a ‘red heel’ was immediately recognized as a part of the hierarchy. 

The idea of our brand is similar in that anyone who wears TALON VERT’s ‘green heel’ is also recognized as a person who is part of a new, conscious ‘green’ class  -  a modern society that is intellectually and socially committed to act ethically.

Fashionable yet animal-friendly, as a vegan company, we truly believe that this is the future of the fashion industry.

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