We are committed to make life easier for those who are already a part of the green movement by offering them exceptional and comfortably-made vegan shoes.

Talon Vert provides vegan shoes that are not only inspired by the latest fashion trends, but also aims to show how quality-made shoes can be produced without the mistreatment or harming of animals.


We are committed to the notion that the future of doing business ethically follows these three principles: environmental protection, animal safety, and social development. Only if all of these are equally prioritized can change be made.

Talon Vert as a brand is in a process of engaging to support animal rights, environmental and social groups that will be updated on #livingVert and other social media accounts.

In this way, we hope to not only familiarize our brand to the public, but also be an inspiration for future ethical brands.


We are committed to implementing that the combination of the latest technologies and tradition will allow to make fashionable and comfortable shoes from ethical materials that do not harm animals. Therefore, new generations will have a choice to act on this and wear footwear which is not made from animal by-products.

As an environmentally conscious vegan company, one of our top priorities is to take special care when sourcing our materials. Thus, our mission is to do the best that we can, while also learning and working to achieve sustainable production.



At our company, we are long-time vegans that have been struggling for years to find fashionable, good-quality, and comfortable vegan shoes. For our collections, we chose basic footwear styles that can be worn for any occasion. Nature itself and people of nature-based cultures are the main sources of inspiration for TALON VERT


We seek to make animal-friendly fashion accessible for those who have never considered its benefits. Talon Vert kindly proposes to those who wear leather to think about how their everyday actions affect: the planet, people and animals.

Our mission and hope is that everyone feels comfortable wearing TALON VERT shoes.

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